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  • Do you want to maximize your space and have room for guests to stay over? Do you have kids or grandkids and just need more sleeping space?


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Many People Are Downsizing

Many people are downsizing to smaller homes, apartments, condos, mobile homes or studios. The benefits of economizing are great…but sometimes the available space is limited! Here’s a way to maximize your living space AND enjoy the ability to have extra sleeping space for family or friends. It’s a Murphy-style wall cabinet with a convenient table/desk for homework, computer, crafting or eating. When you open the cabinet, there are two twin-size bunk beds inside! You can choose from two color options-an all-white high-gloss laminate or a teak and white laminate finish. Both options will blend with almost any color scheme in your home décor! The size of the cabinet is just right for a wall of your home office or family room, or could even make a faux wall to divide two areas! There are padded side guardrails and a pillow support that help keep kids securely in the bunk, and ergonomic gas shocks mechanism to make opening and closing the beds easy…with only one hand! You’re going to love space-saving living and the extra bedroom with Multimo’s Pensiero T wall bed!

Ergonomic Murphy-Style Wall Bed: Space-Saving Twin Bunk Beds Cabinet with Easy Open & Close Mechanism

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